A few nights ago I was playing a show at a local venue where several couples showed up to hear me play after they had seen me there previously. I'm always so grateful and also pleasantly surprised that lately it’s people that have seen me before that are coming to shows and starting to follow me. I’m guessing that is exactly what they call building your local fanbase. That night I posted on my Instagram a very proud picture, “Look, mom, I have fans!!” 

I have to share what else happened that night too that was a bit out of the ordinary. As I was talking with my new fans after the show, a homeless man stuck his head in the door and asked, “Hey, do you guys know who was singing tonight?” And I said, “Yes, that would be me,” and we all laughed. He smiled and reached out his hand to shake mine.  He began telling me how much he appreciated me and my voice. He said he kept walking back and forth past the door, hearing the passion in my voice and seeing me smile over at him. He said I want to give you a gift, and he reached into his jacket and pulled out a necklace. But not just a necklace, one with a cool coral and turquoise pendant that is very much my style. He told me a story about his daughter and his dad who served in the military, insinuating the necklace had sentimental value to him, saying he wanted me to have it because I had moved him so much with my singing. He talked with my fans and reiterated these same sentiments. I stood there feeling like I was in a scene out of a movie. And I just thanked him for his generosity and for listening. 

Now, of course, it’s always great to hear nice compliments, especially when it is about my singing, but this was the first time that someone had reached into their pocket and handed me a personal, tangible gift as a thank you for sharing my gift with them. It reminded me about the importance of sharing what we have to give and how really special experiences and relationships can come from that. You just never know what will happen or when or how. So, I am grateful. I am grateful for the joy that keeps comes from following this path of mine and for the many beautiful people I am meeting. And also for the increasing ability to give and receive. 
But most of all for the power of music, and how it always seems to bring us together in the most extraordinary of ways.

- Jenny