On She Goes...

Here she goes…

In a few short weeks I’ll be releasing my first single entitled, “On She Goes”. A song I wrote with my good friend, Phil, after I left a cover band to pursue my own music. A song written about a decision that was so clear, and the wonderful friends who encouraged me to make that jump.

To celebrate the release, I’ll be playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on November 18th and following it up with my music video release that I am so proud to share. It has been this past summer’s labor of love with those dearest to me. 

I’m so excited to be making music I am proud of and sharing my songs with everyone that they resonate with. And so I give the world my voice and my stories, and keep doing what I am here to do—love and be loved, and create. 

Let’s do this. 



My new single is now available!! Click button below to check it out.