On She Goes (Single)


On She Goes (Single)


Digital Download - (Single Only)

Any path worth taking is worth fighting for. Take the road less traveled. Do it your own way—that's what my new single is all about.  - Jenny 

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Special Thanks To:


  • David Henning - planning, getting me moving, goal setting the single release date
  • Adrienne Moon - wardrobe stylist, you are truly amazing
  • Bernard Wooten - so much photography/videography, thank you for your enthusiastic willingness to take on this project with me 
  • Scott Flanigan - countless hours of website design. "We’re not tired, we’re inspired"
  • Tony Goffredi - many a beer, many a guitar lesson, going before me and sharing all your trade secrets ;)
  • Jason Vigil - strategist, sitting on the couch with me until we got it done
  • Jason Wagner - engineering the single; thank you for your attention to detail and incredible mindfulness. It was such a pleasure working with you
  • Marc Olson - musician’s in action, studio time and partnership, thank you for making this all possible
  • Phil Jason Stone - my cowriter, studio time-electric guitar and bass; my buddy, thank you for pursuing me for no reason 
  • Megan Burtt - marketing campaign, being the best roommate on the planet, you are an inspiration to us all and I love sharing this space with you
  • Mateo McDaniel - drums, pre-production tracking, you are such a solid musician and human being. Thank you for being there for everybody always. 
  • Katey Laurel - video, wardrobe, mentoring and music business coaching. You are such a big reason I have such wonderful people in my life. Words cannot describe my gratitude for you. 
  • Eric Tingstad - mentorship, thank you for taking an interest in me
  • Meggen Rumley - hair stylist, thank you for bringing out the playfulness in me 
  • Chris Andrews at Monument Sound - mastering the single
  • Emily Tobin - cover artwork design, you are the hands down, THE BEST!!!!!
  • Chris Kimmel - marketing, social media campaign, singing and smiling alongside me 
  • Barb Dye - adding me to the line up at the Hard Rock to promote my single release 
  • Joel Ashmore and the Fifty Cent Friend band - backing band for Hard Rock show, your coolness to say yes to coming together
  • Trevor Toms - picking me up in your old truck and helping me pick out a necklace, notice I’m wearing it in the cover pic ;)
  • Meaghan Lillis - Your piano playing rocks my world. You are the bees knees. Thank you for being a part of this. 


  • Tim Kirby - every dinner, every hang, every party, every drink, loaning me your house and your car, being an extraordinary human and friend
  • Beth Schneider - social media plugging, marketing ideas, advocating for me, showing up to my gigs in the rain and on Sunday morning, you are the best, and I’m so grateful for you.
  • Amy Kress - You are the coolest, bravest warrior I know. Thank you for being so excited to share in this with me.
  • Rachel James - You are such a beautiful person. Having you involved was such a joy. Thank you so much.
  • Jesse Branum - your super cool crazy energy, having fun with me and taking time for me always
  • Harvey - being a queen, doing my diet with me, letting me stay with you for a while
  • Kathleen Adair - craniosacral healing and friendship, helping me feel my feelings
  • Pat Harris - for 17 years of guidance and self care
  • Rachel Taulbee - your incredible energy and ideas, encouragement and essential oils 
  • John Bunzli - cooking, writing, and sharing your life with me
  • Butch Rice - for your genuine friendship and always sending me new music to check out
  • Jason U’ren - that trip to the grocery store, showing me what it means to be an extraordinary friend    
  • Jon Portillo - you started this;) thank you for sitting on that park bench and playing Patty Griffin
  • Hazel Miller - you are an angel to me, everything you do and say propels me to the next level
  • Tyler Paul Glasgow - you inspire me in every way, thank you for working with me
  • Donna Shawhan - my sis, I love you
  • Mom - thanks for praying for me
  • Dad - thanks for believing in me

And to each and every person who has helped me along this journey, my endless gratitude and love. Thank you. <3 Jenny