On She Goes (Single)

Jenny Shawhan - On She Goes - Single Release

Now Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, & CDBaby!

Any path worth taking is worth fighting for. Take the road less traveled. Do it your own way—that's what my new single is all about.  - Jenny 


Listen & DOWNLOAD:

The [Official] Music Video

Check out the music video for my single release on YouTube! Special thanks to Bernard Wooten for videography!

Check out www.onefocustree.com!

Special Thanks To:


  • David Henning - planning, getting me moving, goal setting the single release date
  • Adrienne Moon - wardrobe stylist, you are truly amazing
  • Bernard Wooten - so much photography/videography, thank you for your enthusiastic willingness to take on this project with me 
  • Scott Flanigan - countless hours of website support. "We’re not tired, we’re inspired"
  • Tony Goffredi - many a beer, many a guitar lesson, going before me and sharing all your trade secrets ;)
  • Jason Vigil - strategist, sitting on the couch with me until we got it done
  • Jason Wagner - engineering the single; thank you for your attention to detail and incredible mindfulness. It was such a pleasure working with you
  • Marc Olson - musician’s in action, studio time and partnership, thank you for making this all possible
  • Phil Jason Stone - my cowriter, studio time-electric guitar and bass; my buddy, thank you for pursuing me for no reason 
  • Megan Burtt - marketing campaign, being the best roommate on the planet, you are an inspiration to us all and I love sharing this space with you
  • Mateo MacDonald - drums, pre-production tracking, you are such a solid musician and human being. Thank you for being there for everybody always. 
  • Katey Laurel - video, wardrobe, mentoring and music business coaching. You are such a big reason I have such wonderful people in my life. Words cannot describe my gratitude for you. 
  • Meggen Rumley - hair stylist, thank you for bringing out the playfulness in me 
  • Chris Andrews at Monument Sound - mastering the single
  • Andie Smelley Rankins - you're the smelliest;) My copyright guru, you are such a solid friend, thank you for walking me through how to register my work
  • Emily Tobin - cover artwork design, you are the hands down, THE BEST!!!!!
  • Chris Kimmel - marketing, social media campaign, singing and smiling alongside me 
  • Barb Dye - adding me to the line up at the Hard Rock to promote my single release 
  • Joel Ashmore and the Fifty Cent Friend band - backing band for Hard Rock show, your coolness to say yes to coming together
  • Trevor Toms - picking me up in your old truck and helping me pick out a necklace, notice I’m wearing it in the cover pic ;)
  • Meaghan Lillis - Your piano playing rocks my world. You are the bees knees. Thank you for being a part of this. 
  • Amy Kress - You are the coolest, bravest warrior I know. Thank you for being so excited to share in this with me.
  • Rachel James - You are such a beautiful person. Having you involved was such a joy. Thank you so much.
  • Shelli & John Mandeville - that first night at the winery, helping me dial in my sound, sitting down and planning with me to develop my branding and social media. You are remarkable people. 

With whom this has been possible shout outs:

  • Tim Kirby - every dinner, every hang, every party, every drink, loaning me your house and your car, being an extraordinary human and friend
  • MaryAnn Kehler - for showing me how to take care of my voice and mentoring me with my students, you are so brilliant, generous, and kind
  • Janet Kenyon - for introducing me to Etheridge, P!nk, and all the music I didn't know before. For calling me a rock star and always meeting me right where I'm at. Your influence is ever present in my life always. 
  • Moe Loughran - inviting me in, for being an excellent mentor, for telling me that part of doing music is figuring out how to do music. 
  • Bill Cuomo - for your time and your advice, engraining the deep belief of valuing myself and my art. 
  • Eric Tingstad - mentorship, thank you for taking an interest in me
  • Beth Schneider - social media plugging, marketing ideas, advocating for me, showing up to my gigs in the rain and on Sunday morning, you are the best, and I’m so grateful for you.
  • Jesse Branum - your super cool crazy energy, having fun with me and taking time for me no matter what
  • Dana Holliday - your intuitive guidance and spirit, I always feel like you have my back
  • Harvey - being a queen, doing my diet with me, letting me stay with you for a while
  • Kathleen Adair - craniosacral healing and friendship, helping me feel my feelings
  • Pat Harris - for 17 years of guidance and self care
  • Rachel Taulbee - your incredible energy and ideas, encouragement and essential oils 
  • John Bunzli - cooking, writing, and sharing your life with me
  • Butch Rice - for your genuine friendship and always sending me new music to check out
  • Jason U’ren - that trip to the grocery store, showing me what it means to be an extraordinary friend    
  • Jon Portillo - you started this;) thank you for sitting on that park bench and playing Patty Griffin
  • Michael Strausbaugh - cheers to your positivity, our productive lessons, and your immaculate song charting abilities 
  • Hazel Miller - you are an angel to me, everything you do and say propels me to the next level
  • Tyler Paul Glasgow - you inspire me in every way, thank you for working with me
  • Eva Baker & Malissa Chaplin - being such great friends and fans, being front and center at almost every show, singing the words to my songs, you are true gems.  
  • Branden Sipes - thank you for being an excellent musician devoted to your craft, thank you for sharing your expertise with me and making me better
  • Pat Bruno - thank you for your professionalism, putting me to work and helping me find viable ways to share my gifts
  • Paul Musso - thank you for being such a special person. And for trusting me to impart wisdom to your students and for partnering with me 
  • Lydia Hosni-Fiore - thank you for bringing me on your staff and helping me realize what I have to offer in teaching
  • Jeremy Cline - every guitar repair, every helping hand you have given to support me in my gigging life, thank you so much
  • Lehman Family - only because of your love am I here today. You love me for me. And I pay it forward every day. You will always be my family. 
  • Donna Shawhan - my sis, I love you and now I can sleep really good;)
  • Mom - thanks for praying for me
  • Dad - thanks for believing in me

And to each and every person who has helped me along this journey, my endless gratitude and love. Thank you. <3 Jenny