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"Jenny Shawhan is a fine performer! Jenny possesses a sweet, clear, and expressive voice that is very inviting. She commands her audiences with original songs and inventive versions of cover songs...  I do recommend this talented young woman…I highly recommend her."
- Hazel Miller, Legendary Colorado Artist

"Her vocals went perfectly with her guitar. I went up and asked her to play the star spangled banner. The crowd at first didn't necessarily want that, but once she found out I am a veteran she decided to play it for me. I stood and saluted as she played the anthem and it was so beautiful that I had a tear in my eye. I am extremely thankful that there are artists like Jenny out there who aren't afraid to show appreciation and respect for the troops. I believe that soldiers stationed around the world would enjoy seeing her perform. It was one of the best live music experiences I've ever had."
- Matthew, Veteran, Audience Member, Lila B. Lounge

"Such a warm evening of wonderful music shared with friends. Jenny's sultry, soulful voice kept us captivated all night long. Belting out songs from Melissa Etheridge, Allison Kraus and even her own incredible songs, our guests loved her. None of us wanted her to leave. We highly recommend her for a magical musical experience in your own home."
- Khaki F., House Concert Host - Boulder

Beautiful voice, professional and a strong work ethic…nothing but a pleasure to work with and listen to.” 
- Mark Anthony King, Talent Buyer

I don’t know any musicians with her passion.” 
- Seddy Gomez, DJ 107.1 FLO

"Jenny has a unique voice and perspective that completely captures your attention and imagination.
- Steve Goodie, MC, Bluebird Cafe Nashville